4catsTrap, neuter and return, known as TNR is a service that SHAID offers to the public to help control the overpopulation of feral cats in Lunenburg County. For more information or to have questions answered please call SHAID at 902-543-4849. Thank you.

S.H.A.I.D. TNR was formed by a small group of concerned volunteers and a generous benefactor in July 2007 and, since then and up to December 2015 we have spayed/neutered over 1,540 cats.
As part of S.H.A.I.D. our mission is to reduce feral cat overpopulation in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.
We use a humane method called Trap, Neuter and Return. TNR has been used, with success, in many areas around the world. In Nova Scotia, there are several groups working in different areas across the province, please google TNR to find one in your area or you can try contacting the SPCA.
Cats are trapped in a live trap, taken to the vet, Bridgewater Animal Hospital to be neutered and returned to their colony. This is done by the person applying for TNR.
NOTE: >You must be willing to continue to feed and provide some type of shelter for the cats.
               > All cats will have their ear tipped, so they are not trapped again.
               > TNR neuters cats only, health care is not provided.
               > Applicants can fill out forms at SHAID, if approved you will be supplied with a live trap and a certificate to take to the vet with the cat(s).
               > Bridgewater Animal Hospital is the Shelters current Vet so this is where ALL cats will be   taken, they must be notified prior to cats being dropped off to ensure there is time to care for them on that current day.  
Note: This program is NOT for stray cats and have been tamed and live in your home or your barn, if they are socialized. You may apply for the S.H.A.I.D. Spay/Neuter fund known as Myrtle Quigley….  this fund is set up for families that cannot afford the full cost of spaying/neutering their owned cats. Applications for both programs are available only at SHAID. TNR forms will be completed at SHAID.
S.H.A.I.D. TNR operates from approximately March to December, TNR is suspended in the winter months due to the danger of trapping cats in the cold.
INSULATED WINTER SHELTERS: In the heat of the summer or in early fall, it is actually a good time to think about creating a warm and comfy shelter for your feral cat(s) if you have no building for them to go in for warmth. Remember to always use straw for bedding NEVER blankets, they get wet and stay wet.